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Café, Amsterdam Photograph by Marko Savic, My ShotIn a hidden street I found this cafe. It looked like a scenography for some movie. I loved the atmosphere and the pictures on the wall. The lighting was really dramatic, and the man with the cigar was in just the right place.

Apples, Baku Photograph by Erik Andre Juriks, Your ShotThe snow made me treat myself to some side streets while looking for photo opportunities on my way to work, this bitterly cold morning in Baku. The rapidly changing capital of Azerbaijan always has something in store. Just outside the centuries-old Taza Bazaar, I came across the unlikely sight of an old Soviet-era Volga brimming with golden winter apples. The strange beauty of the scene brought back childhood memories of apples carefully picked and stored in the basement of our home in Norway, and the apples turning sweeter as the months of winter went by. —Erik Andre Juriks

Cafe Patron, Paris Photograph by Christophe Debon, National Geographic Your ShotI don’t claim the status of a photographer, I just take the pictures. When a subject catches my attention there’s no time for analysis or composition. My work is instinctual.

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I always reblog this picture when I see it on my dash because, although a simple picture, I believe it to be one of the most beautiful things.Just that people could hold so many memories on this old, worn out mattress which is not of beauty but could have had something as beautiful as falling in love happen on it.

For the caption.

this is actually so perfect

I love this holy crap

…I’m pretty sure “People fell in love with me” would be a far more accurate statement

I think the mattress is letting people know that it has an std….